#AndhraPradesh: A Govt of the Church, By the Church and For the Church

Vishwa Bhaarath
#AndhraPradesh: A Govt of the Church, By the Church and For the Church

Burgeoning Christian conversion activities aided and assisted by  the Jagan Government in Andhra Pradesh have serious implications. It’s high time the Centre intervenes and put an end to this 
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jaganmohan Reddy may not be directly carrying out Church activities but his rule is undoubtedly pro-Church. Ever since he took over the reins of the State, with a massive mandate in May 2019, missionary activities and conversions got a boost as there is not any check on their illegal activities while the Church activities including the conversions are receiving the official patronage. As the result, the Hindu society in general and the Schedule Caste people in particular are the targets in the administration of Jagan.

Andhra Pradesh is now a State with many specials. Those specialties include the highly active Christian conversion activity. Majority of the MLAs elected on Jagan party ticket from the SC reserved constituencies are practicing Christians and they are not hiding that fact as they are now confident that their religious personality is at the helm of the affairs in the State and  the CM will protect their Christian identity though they made false claims on their SC status. Earlier this Christian power was hidden but now it is all out in the open. The United Pastors Association held its meeting in the west Godavari district after Jagan came to power. A ruling party MLA was the chief guest. In that meeting the official representing pastors claimed that it was Christian lobby which is behind Jagan’s win in the election. “There are 5 lakh pastors and 2 crore Christian voters in Andhra Pradesh” and all of them stood behind Jagan. It is no surprising that Jagan administration sanctioned five thousand honorarium for the eligible pastors and even exhibited the temerity to call tenders for the construction of the church from the Government funds, which no other Government ever ventured to do earlier. 

Jagan Government as a Covid-19 support gave one-time financial aid to 29,000 pastors from the unorganised churches and prayer halls. There are more than 10,000 big churches in the State which are flush with funds. 40,000 officially recorded pastors and over 4.5 lakh unofficial pastors for officially recorded near 7 lakh Christian population

The official records show a different story. In Andhra Pradesh churches are growing, pastors’ number increasing but the Christian population is declining. In 1961 census the state’s Christian population was 13.40 per cent while the SC population was 5.24 per cent. In 2011 census the Christian population in the state gone down to 1.84 per cent, while the SC population went up to 19.59 per cent. This is unheard demographic change not to be found in any other State in India. In absolute numbers, the Christian population in the state as per 2011 census was less than 7 lakh. But Jagan Government as a Covid-19 support gave one-time financial aid to 29,000 pastors from the unorganised churches and prayer halls. There are more than 10,000 big churches in the State which are flush with funds. 40,000 officially recorded pastors and over 4.5 lakh unofficial pastors for officially recorded near 7 lakh Christian population. Which mean that there is one pastor for each Christian. So the claim of 2 crore Christian population in Andhra Pradesh as claimed by pastor’s union is no exaggeration. 

Anti Hindu Agenda

Christian conversion  activities are happening in a deceitful manner. The Church aims to plant Christians at every level of public and private divisions without touching the official records.Let these neo-converts to Christianity be remain as SC-Hindus but make them anti-Hindu in mind. This was the same formula used by the British colonial powers in the past. Conquer  their minds and make them slaves. This is the new formula of the Joshua Project. For this project Jaganmohan Reddy and his Government are providing official support. This is because of this that no action is forthcoming from Jagan’s administration even when the converted people claiming SC benefits was brought to the notice. The current plan of the Christian organisations is to convert people, make them people’s representatives both in State Assemblies and  the Parliament through the reserved constituencies and then demand SC reservations for the converts. This plan is going on as the governments of the day are not ready to intervene as they fear their political future. That includes the current Union Government.

This is not a wild allegation but substantial issue brought out into the open by Hindu minded organisations working in the field in the State. The classic example is the selection of the candidate for heading the Zilla Parishd of Guntur district. It is obvious that Jagan as President of YSRCP first chose the candidates as nominees of their party and then made the reservations for the Zilla Parishad chairmanships. Guntur is reserved for SC women as per the norms. But the candidate chosen by Jagan is a lady of Christian faith. Her name is  Henry Christina. She along with her husband ‘Bishop’Kathera Suresh Kumar run 10 Bible schools in the district with the motive of converting every family into Christianity. The couple runs an organisation named Harvest India in the district for conversion activities and they have built a huge church in a village besides many smaller churches.There are umpteen number of videos and audios where the present ZP Chairman Christina and her husband was speaking on Christian forums and  how they devoted their lives in the service of Jesus. In one such video, Pastor Suresh Kumar cautioned about “Hindu rule” in India under PM Modi where “many pastors are killed, churches are burnt”. Basing on those negative campaign of India, Suresh Kumar harvested thousands of donations from the foreign Christian countries. He holds an account to receive foreign funds (FCRA-10260176). His duplicity of retaining Hindu Madiga SC in the official records and professing Christian activities including conversions were challenged by a public spirited person. The Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) who conducted the enquiry in 2014 declared that couple as Christians and not Hindus. Come 2019 the order was reversed by the District Collector of Guntur under the alleged orders from the government, and gave a certificate of Hindu-SC to  Christina and using that SC certificate Jagan made her the district parishad Chairman. This is making mockery of the constitutional provision intended to benefit the down trodden SCs to the advantage of the Christians.
Christian conversion activity is happening in deceit. The Church aims to plant Christians at every level of public and private divisions without touching the official records. Let these neo-converts to Christianity remain as SC-Hindus but make them anti-Hindu in mind
This is the latest case and not the first case to see the light after Jagan became CM. The SC status of the Home Minister is questionable. In a video interview she openly talked about her Christian faith and her Church going activity. In utter contempt to the constitutional provisions which says that SC are provided with reservations to grow them political sphere too. Here also the Christian persons with Church funds are contesting in the guise of Hindu-SCs from the reserved constituencies. Thus robbing the poor Hindu-SCs of their rightful share in Assembly. The organisation Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF) which is in forefront in fight for SCs rights petitioned the misuse of SC certificates by those practicing Christians. The office of the President of India wrote to the Government of AP calling for a factual report and Jagan administration is not replying. That is not happening because many of the higher-ups in the bureaucracy are also Christians by faith but got those positions because of their pseudo-SC certificates they possess. The IPS officer, who is heading the CID wing himself, is a proclaimed Christian who helped in building churches and denounces the Hindu way of life in his speeches but still clings on to the Hindu-SC certificate. Such speeches from the senior IAS and IPS officers of Christian faith, but on record Hindus, talking of spread of Gospel and making this country a Christian nation.

In Andhra Pradesh, people converting into religion of choice are not renouncing their SC status
In Andhra Pradesh, people converting into religion of choice are not renouncing their SC status
When from CM to the lowest rung government employees, including those working in the Hindu endowment departments’ holiest Hindu shrine of Tirumala are professing Christianity, one can assume the intense conversion activity that is going on in the state of Andhra Pradesh. That the government officials in one particular district have the temerity to say, in a reply to RTI question, that they are treating all the SCs as Christians. Since that reply came after Jagan became CM it is obvious to conclude that it is the official policy aimed at giving benefits earmarked to SCs to the converts. This is the indirect way of luring the gullible into Christianity through officialdom. 

The official policies of Jagan confirm its pro-conversion ideology. Last year the Jagan Government specifically designed a scheme to give specified rations to Christians as gift of Christmas. The ration packs were given in villages where there were officially no Christians. On enquiry it was found that the conversions are going on in a massive scale outside the official records. The investigations by LRPF has brought to the light the villages with over ten active churches but not a single Christian as per official records. In a village in Kurnool district where there is no Christian as per official records a church is being constructed obstructing the age old temple view and the mobility of temple chariot. The Hindus despite their numerical strength are forced to run from post to pillar to protect their rights. The police and revenue officials having converted to Christianity but remain as Hindus officially are helping the conversion activity and siding with the church.

It is high time, before Andhra Pradesh becomes a Christian majority State like the Northeast. The Union Government headed by Narendra Modi must intervene in the affairs of Andhra Pradesh and order enumeration of the mushrooming churches and put an end to the Joshua Project model of conversions which dont mention conversion in the official records. People can convert into the religion of their choice but once they renounce Hindu religion those converts should be honest enough in not claiming SC status and grabbing chances of genuine SCs for whom the education and job benefits are originally intended. Unless the Hindu society turns pro-active and fight this deceit way of the Christian organisations in Andhra Pradesh both legally and morally they will turn into minority in their own Trilinga Desa. 

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