VHP severely objects against 'Prophet' Bajinder Singh's Healing Crusade, slams Punjab CM Channi

VHP severely objects against 'Prophet' Bajinder Singh's Healing Crusade, slams Punjab CM Channi

New Delhi, Nov 26: With the help of the Sikh-Hindu community, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad raised objections against 'Prophet' Bajinder Singh’ Healing Crusade program in Moga, Punjab. This helped to stop Punjab CM Charanjit Singh and other guests to enter the program. It has also slammed the missionaries that are trying to lure and playing with faith of innocents Hindus in the name of religious conversions

The Hindu organization tweeted, "Due to opposition from the Hindu-Sikh community against pastor Bajinder Singh’s healing meeting held in Moga, Punjab, the arrival of the Chief Minister and other guests, as well as the conversion of hundreds of people, was prevented yesterday. Illegal conversion will never be tolerated anywhere".

VHP Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain said "Healing Crusade is an immoral, illegal and irreligious conspiracy by Christian missionaries to deceive and convert innocent people." Despite this, CM Channi, giving no respect to his prestigious Office, is involved in such programs.
Bajinder Singh was converting Hindus and Sikhs to Christianity under the pretext of false and misleading promises. The VHP said that while the conversion racket is going on in full swing in Punjab, the administration is watching silently. VHP called upon society not to allow crimes like these conversion rackets anywhere in the country.

Dr. Jain also said no country more than India can know about the ill effects of illegal conversion. Matters like Partition of India, Kashmir issue, Jihadi terrorism, Northeast terrorism, and Love Jihad have happened only because of illegal conversion. Due to this, VHP appealed to the Central and State Governments to immediately enact laws to stop illegal conversions, so that India can be freed from the curse of conversion.

Input : newsbharati

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