Massive hunt for people who mocked CDS Gen Bipin Rawat’s death has begun across states

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Massive hunt for people who mocked CDS Gen Bipin Rawat’s death has begun across states
After the sudden demise of Chief of Defence Staff Shri Bipin Rawat Ji, his wife, and 11 others in a Russia-made Mi-17 V5 helicopter crash in the Nilgiri Hills, a rather minuscule yet deranged proportion of the public celebrated the deaths. Some rejoiced, while some hurled nasty expletives. However, forces across the country are now rounding up the notorious elements and setting them in place.

Reportedly, the Bangalore Police on Thursday took cognizance of one Anwesha Sen, who shared posts where the late CDS was dubbed a war criminal.

The Bengaluru City Police notified CID’s cybercrime branch, Bengaluru district police, IPS Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner, Bengaluru City Police and K. P. Ravikumar, City Crime Branch, Bengaluru City to look into the matter.

After netizens called out Sen, it was also revealed that she is a Research Assistant at the Azim Premji University. The University, which is run by former Wipro Chairman, in recent times has come under the scanner for being the reincarnation of dubious left-liberal institute – TISS.

Rajasthan Police arrests Jawad Khan:

Meanwhile, the Tonk Police in Rajasthan arrested one individual named Jawad Khan, who made nasty comments on Instagram and Twitter regarding Bipin Rawat ji’s death.

After his insensitive posts went viral, netizens tagged the Tonk Police, which started searching for the perpetrator. Using electronic surveillance, the police zeroed in on Khan and arrested him.

Tonk SP Om Prakash remarked after the arrest, “The alleged post made by the accused was insensitive and hurt people’s sentiments at the same time. We are verifying the past of the accused whether he had made any indecent or insensitive comments against anyone. We are thoroughly probing the matter,”

Shiva Ahir arrested by Gujarat Police:

Furthermore, a 44-year-old man in Gujarat, identified as Shiva Ahir and resident of Bherai village in Rajula taluka of Gujarat’s Amreli district, was arrested for making derogatory remarks on the departed CDS.

A police official stated, “On Wednesday evening after the news of the demise of General Bipin Rawat was confirmed, Ahir posted defamatory and objectionable posts against him and also against former defence minister late Manohar Parrikar. Ahir, who is known for gathering cheap publicity with such posts, also made an objectionable mention of national security advisor Ajit Doval,”

The Police also stated that the accused had earlier made derogatory remarks against Hindu gods and goddesses as well, “The accused came under our radar after he shared some derogatory posts on General Bipin Rawat. Upon scanning his timeline, we realized that he had earlier shared objectionable posts about Hindu gods and goddesses. He had also used derogatory words for elected representatives in his Facebook posts in the past,”

DMK still using the death of CDS for settling scores:
While Police across the country have been going after elements mocking and celebrating Bipin Rawat’s death, the police in DMK-ruled Tamil Nadu is arresting YouTubers.
Reportedly, YouTuber Maridhas was arrested by the cyber-crime police in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) on December 9 after he inquired if Tamil Nadu was “becoming into Kashmir” under the DMK’s control, in a tweet that he later deleted.

Foul play as a conspiracy theory has been doing the rounds of the internet, and the probing agencies have not ruled out the possibility entirely. Thus, arresting a man for trying to understand the cause of the death of his CDS is rather quizzical, but not surprising given DMK’s fascist tendencies.

CDS Bipin Rawat’s sudden demise has left the country in a state of mourning. Very few love their country in the way CDS Rawat did, and he will go down in the history books as the leader who took the fight to the country’s enemies in their own backyard and emerged victorious every single time.

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