What Can Hindu do to Save Hinduism ?

What Can Hindu Do to Save Hinduism ?
Until Hindus take an interest in their own scriptures & Sanskrit, in the DEPTH of their traditions, no one can save Hinduism and them. No government, no leader, no book (Hindu scriptures are not books). Watered down, garbaged versions of Hinduism are the poison of Kali-yuga. “Kali” itself means to rot. Unless we stop this rotting of knowledge, of ancient traditions, no govt policy, no social work, no activism can save Hindus & Hinduism. Never mind who started the rot. It’s our responsibility to STOP this rot. If not, be prepared to face an intellectual war with a very deficient army.
Pandavas won because they had DEPTH of knowledge, earned through Tapasya & asked Krishna to guide them. Hindus have become so dumb due to this rot, they won’t even recognize an incarnation if He guides them.
An inherent laziness, inertia, disinterest, and unwillingness to learn the values of Santana dharma is the reason for all the differences and wrongdoing by Hindus to each other. The reason why Hindus are not able to save Hinduism, why they don’t stand together and work together, why they don’t back each other up, why they are not one unified force, is because they are all deluded in their own ways, stuck in their own power struggles and other petty things, rather than reviving the Vedic civilization in its full glory. The priority of Hindus needs to be to revive Santana dharma by first learning, imbibing, and implementing the values of Sanatana dharma. And then it is a virtuous cycle. The more they practice the values, the more enriched their own lives will be, the more they can do good to humanity, and the more they can work better towards reviving dharma.

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