Jesuit priest Robert Solomon: The story of the preacher who became a RSS pracharak

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Jesuit priest Robert Solomon: The story of the preacher who became a RSS pracharak

In 1986, Robert Solomon relinquished the very religion (Christianity) which he was coaxing others to embrace, became Dr. Suman Kumar and joined the RSS

There was a time when Jesuit priest Robert Solomon, with rice-bag on his back, was prowling and peeping in the hut of a poor to convert them to Christianity. He was trained in the art of cheating people with fake fables.

But in 1986, he relinquished the very religion (Christianity) which he was coaxing others to embrace. From Solomon, he became Dr. Suman Kumar with no more rice bags and no more fake fables which are chief tools of conversion to Christianity.  In the same year, he joined the RSS.

Dr Suman, currently the organizational secretary of Hindu Jagaran Manch (Bihar-Jharkhand), is a quite interesting story about how an agent of conversion returned to Sanatan dharma.

Earlier based in Indonesia he was pursuing higher studies at Oxford University when he joined the church as pastor. It was around 1982 when Robert Solomon was regularly sent to Chennai in Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country for a mission to ‘covert India to Christianity.’ Church falsely told him that RSS people burn the Holy Book, vandalize church and torture missionary people. He was also asked to study the pattern of working of the RSS.

“In fact, he was told to spy on RSS and its activities. He had come to India to report back the church about RSS. But when he closely watched the RSS it opened his mind and perception. He was quite inspired by the RSS and converted to Sanatan dharma. Initially we were very curious about him,’’ said Rajkumar, an old-time RSS worker.

In 1986 Robert Solomon came in touch with Ashok Varshney; the senior RSS functionary and the then national organizational secretary of Arogya Bharti, Thakur Ram Govind Singh of Hindu Jagaran Manch and Swant Ranjan.

He started visiting the shakha of RSS at Orai in Uttar Pradesh and he soon became a regular visitor. He was quick to grab the eyeball of senior functionaries of RSS. During a conclave of the RSS held in Gorakhpur, he was officially given responsibility in the RSS. He was asked to work for the Hindu Jagaran Manch.
In 2004 Suman was sent to Jharkhand where his real fight with the church actually started. The whole of Jharkhand especially the Chotanagpur division was affected by the mass conversion of tribals in Christianity. The church had created such a network and penetrated deep into the tribal society that at once it looked impossible to smash the century-old conversion conspiracy.

He picked Gumla, Khunti (then a part of Ranchi district) and Simdega to start the homecoming of tribals back to their religion. Once in Jharkhand, he had invited all senior functionaries of the church to discuss and explain the position of the church on conversion. As usual, the church ran away from the debate.   

A man who was once a missionary blue-eyed boy became their worst enemy.  However, the missionary tried their best to instigate local people to boycott him as an outsider.   

He convinced tribals that their conversion is a diabolic design of missionaries and they should not quit their religion. The strategy of the unification of Sanatan and Sarana was successful to a great extent since 8000 tribals who had converted in the past returned to their religion.


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