Bangladesh Islamists on a Rampage: 5th consecutive day of violence against Hindus, houses burned in Rangpur

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Bangladesh Islamists on a Rampage: 5th consecutive day of violence against Hindus, houses burned in Rangpur

The frenzied mob of radical Islamists targeted three villages namely, Majhipara, Bottola and Hatibandha villages in Pirganj Upazila.

The radical Islamists in Bangladesh have continued their violence against the minority Hindu community, for 5 days straight. In a fresh attack on Sunday (October 17), they carried out arson at a village and burnt 20 Hindu homes in Pirganj Upazila in the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh.

In a tweet, Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council (BHUC) informed, “At present Hindus are being attacked in Pirganj of Rangpur. Attacks on Hindus continue across the country. If this continues, it will be difficult for Hindus to survive in Bangladesh.”
In a video footage shared by BHUC, it could be seen that a temple was set on fire by the Islamist mob while the firemen tried to extinguish it. Idols kept within the temple premises were also charred in the arson attack. “The situation in Rangpur is dire at the moment. Homes and temples of Hindus have been burnt down. Muslim mob has set fire to a Hindu village in Pirganj upazila of Rangpur district,” it added.

BDNews24 reported that Muslims in Jelepolli in Majipara had alleged that a Hindu man had posted ‘content dishonouring religion’ on Facebook. District Superintendent Md Qamruzzaman stated, “Police stood guard around his home. That home was saved, but the attackers set fire to some other homes not so far from his.” The frenzied mob of radical Islamists targeted three villages namely, Majhipara, Bottola and Hatibandha villages in Pirganj Upazila.

BDNews24 added that the Fire Service Department received information about the arson attack at around 9:50 pm. It was only at 3 am on Monday morning that the fire could finally be extinguished. While there have been no casualties or estimates of the damage caused, it is believed that 15-20 houses were burnt down during the attack.

The Daily Star reported that Deputy Commissioner (Rangpur) Asif Ahasan rushed to Karimganj village with the police after allegations of blasphemy resurfaced via a Facebook post. He informed, “But by this time, miscreants set fire to some Hindu houses in other villages in Pirganj.”

Bangladesh Home Minister assures fairness in investigation

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal assured of a fair probe in the matter. He added, “We’re seeing and assuming many things. We’re waiting for evidence. Once we get the evidence, we’ll present it before you. We’ve taken the Cumilla incident very seriously. We’ll let you know after a proper investigation. We hope to let you know very soon.

While assuring fair investigation, Asasuzzaman remarked, “”There is no shortage of instigators inside the country.”We’ve arrested two-three suspects in the Cumilla incident. Those involved will be identified soon.With utmost patience, security forces are handling the situation.”

More Hindu temples attacked, petrol bombs hurled in Feni district

In a tweet on Saturday (October 16) night, Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council (BHUC) informed that radical Islamists attacked Hindus in the Feni district in the Chittagong Division of Bengladesh. It had also shared a 14-second video clip wherein radical Islamists could be seen creating mayhem on the streets. Equipped with lathis, the frenzied mob gathered in large numbers and then attacked Hindu temples in unison in the Feni district.

The attackers torched a passenger vehicle at Kalipal, hurled crude bombs, vandalised a fire truck and attacked Hindu temples such as JoyKali, Jagannathbari, Kalibari Temple and Gaziganj Ashram. Reportedly, the President of the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, Shukdeb Nath Tapan, was attacked by the same Islamist mob near the Joykali temple.

According to Officer-in-Charge (Feni Model Police Station) Nizam Uddin, more than 40 people were injured during the clashes. They were then rushed to the Feni General Hospital. As per eyewitnesses, the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami named Islami Chhatra Shibir was among the perpetrators. Local activists of the Awami League and its student wing Bangladesh Chhatra League tried to resist the attackers.

...Inputs - Opindia, BDnews24 & Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council

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