Karnataka’s BJP MLA launches ‘Gharwapsi’ of converted Christians, including his mother

Karnataka’s BJP MLA launches ‘Gharwapsi’ of converted Christians, including his mother
Karnataka’s BJP MLA starts campaign against Religious Conversion by initiating his own Mother’s ‘Ghar Wapsi’.

Chitradurga | Oct 11, 2021:: While Karnataka Govt contemplates to bring an effective anti-conversion law in response to the complaints of forced conversions in the state, Member of Legislative Assembly from Hosadurga, Goolihatti D Shekhar, has initiated the ‘ghar wapsi’ (home coming) campaign by ensuring his own mother who had converted to Christianity returns to Hinduism.

Shekhar, who reportedly shed tears in the assembly recently over the conversion of his mother by missionaries, initiated the campaign to bring back the converted Christians into the Hindu fold again.

Karnataka’s BJP MLA launches ‘Gharwapsi’ of converted Christians, including his mother

Nine persons from four families who had embraced Christianity, have returned to their original religion, as a result of efforts made by BJP MLA Goolihatti Shekhar. They were welcomed back to Hinduism at Lord Halurameshwara temple in Hosadurga taluk on Sunday October 10.

Shekhar had raised the issue of conversion in the state assembly where he had lamented the fact that his own mother too had changed her religion. He received a lot of support in social websites. The MLA also convinced some people belonging to Ballal Samudra in the taluk who had been converted when in Kerala to return to Hinduism.

Narayanappa, MLA’s mother Ratnamma, Manjamma, Pradeep, Geetha, Gowramma, Annappa, Kusumamma and Kumar had been converted when they were in Kerala four years back. After Shekhar raised the issue in the house, they returned to Hinduism and said they henceforth will worship Hindu deities. At the time of welcoming them back, Shekhar presented saris and blouses to women and bowed before elders who blessed him.

Goolihatti Shekar clarified that he has no less regard for Christianity, but added that he is opposed to missionaries who influence innocent villagers and get them converted by hook or by crook. He insisted that such ‘deceptive’ and ‘forced’ conversion of villagers should stop.


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