Indian culture is alive because of sewa bhav – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

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Indian culture is alive because of sewa bhav – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

New Delhi. RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji has said many civilizations came and even ended, but the Indian civilization is towards becoming world leader because it believes in taking all along and hence none has been able to destroy it.

At a Sant Eshwar Samman Samaroh here he said while honouring those who did selfless service in different areas that the structure of Indian society is such that it does not oppose anyone. Whether one adopts worship system or not but one works with feeling of sewa as per his own capacity. This is one thing which is a form of human being and one gets this quality only when he is full of purity, politeness, compassion and believes in taking all together and does not oppose anyone. He said the best quality of Indian society is that it had been inspiring others since ages and also encourages youth.
Indian culture is alive because of sewa bhav – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat
He said the way society should have been moved forward after independence did not happen. But, if society were to leave aside ego and make sensibility and compassion basis one can attain development faster.

Sarsanghchalak Ji said of all the great personalities in the world, maximum have been from India in past 200 years. It is good to be spiritual and believe in religions but it does not teach us that you should walk on the path shown by me but only shows us the way and that it is good if i am walking on this path but if you also walk along, it will be good. A person is known because of his thoughts and sensitivity because if these two are separated there will be no difference between man and animal. There is feeling of sewa in human beings for which he does not have to depend on anyone either socially or economically. Because if our intention to work is honest and sincere there will be no hurdle in competing that task.

He said it is one thing to have wisdom but to give it a right and proper direction is in our hands. Not just economically, but with our behaviour if we are gone by teaching something good to our family the future generations will never lose the right path. And today’s youth have it in them to learn it quick and fast which is really good. Whatever good virtues we leave with our deeds have impact on our families and future generations follow those traditions and carry them forward. He said our life is like a bubble. Going more into spirituality is like falling in a ditch, he remarked.

The special guest and union minister Arjun Munda said this function is being held for those who worked for society without any favour or recognition in mind. They are tirelessly doing their job. They are taking forward journey of social work so that they could do something in their life. We are thankful to them all for their immense contribution in making of new India. We all do social work in different ways but those who have not been given any such responsibility and are doing it on their own are actually called real children of the mother India.

The minister said we should be proud that in Amrit Mahotsav we are also celebrating new tribal day which means we are working for nation building along with those living in remote areas. We are proud of the fact that on the occasion of Birsa Munda birth anniversary we would be celebrating it annually as Janjati Gaurav Diwas from now onwards. He said till we work for the betterment of people living in remote areas dream of making new India will remain unfulfilled.
Indian culture is alive because of sewa bhav – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat
Several organizations and personalities engaged in various social service areas were honoured on the occasion by Sant Eshwer Foundation along with Rashtriya Sewa Bharti. Like every year, this time too 12 personalities and organizations were honoured with Rs 1 lakh each. The samiti’s chairman Kapil Khanna said these personalities and organizations not only tried to identify the problems in the society but tried to solve them on their own with their own limited resources available to them rather than going to the concerned government or blaming somebody. They tried to help others. The foundation has done a great job by identifying such personalities and institutions by giving them this platform. He said it is in the series of these efforts and social works the foundation gives special awards to four personalities and self-dependant organizations every year with Rs 4 lakh each.

Among the honoured organizations and personalities are  Sukumar Roy Choudhary from south Dinazpur West Bengal,  Shantaram Budna Siddi from Kannad Karnataka,  Hajong Arnab from Garo Khasi Meghalya, Medha Uranv from Ranchi, Jharkhand,  Dr. Nirupma Sunil Deshpande from Amravati, Maharashtra,  Ashish Gupta from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Dharamvir Chahal from Jind, Haryana, A.P. Chander Shekhar from Mysore, Karnataka, Sadhvi Kamlesh Bharti from Haridwar, Rural health and WE from Vishvnath from Assam, Bisra sewa prakalp from Patna, Bihar, Amritvarshini bal kalyan ashram, Annatapuram, Vivekanand sewa mandal from Thane, Maharashtra, Charanjiv Malhotra from Delhi,  Arya Chawda from Ahmedabad, Atma Nirbhar- ek challenge organization from Kamrup, Assam.

Speaking on the occasion Sant Eshwar Foundation general secretary Vrinda Khanna said future of India is very bright, because it is in right hands. Our youths have shown their capabilities during corona epidemics. The way they worked hard and sincerely in tackling this period of corona is an example in itself. Youths will have a greater role to play in making bright India the vishwa guru.

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