“They” say…Die! Sanatanis Die!

Vishwa Bhaarath
“They” say…Die! Sanatanis Die!
Dear Sanatanis,
   What is wrong with you? Why are you fussing all of a sudden? Why are you yelling, and screaming from social media roof tops? Don’t you know the world is not used to seeing you retaliate? You are expected to be that silent sufferer who hides his Hinduness so as not to offend his minority friends. What is your problem in continuing to be that sort of Hindu? The world knows you as someone who savors Haleem at an Iftar party or lights a candle at a midnight church service on 31st Dec, but is afraid to even disclose that you have just taken Prasadam at the temple after offering prayers to your ishta devata, much less offer them the Prasadam. Your minority friends know you as an apologetic Hindu who went all out to maintain his “secular” and “’tolerant” labels, sometimes even at the cost of his own religious beliefs. Why are you shedding that image of yours all of a sudden? Why have you started flaunting your tilak or sindoor on social media? Why are you confusing the world with your new behaviour? What’s with all this wokeness?

Some of your fellow-Hindus, the cherry-pickers, think that you are bringing shame to our ancestors; that they were nowhere close to what you are today; that they have cheerfully taken blows to their heads without even so much as letting out a squeal; and that you are being just the opposite in refusing to take any of that, anymore. Your retaliation has earned you the labels, “intolerant”, “fascist,” “communal” and even “nationalist,” the labels that our ancestors never had to endure, because they took everything silently. Your fellow-Hindus are also questioning your audacity in not just shifting your head to avoid the blow to your head, but also in going on an all-out intellectual warfare. They want you to be mindful of how you are hurting the minority sentiments by refusing to take their oppression anymore.

Are you wondering where the fault lies? I wondered, too, and figured, it is all our ancestors’ fault. They set an example of tolerance and inclusivity, both, leading up to secularism, as it is defined, today in our great motherland. Had they taken up weapons in defence, the very first time the marauders – both Islamic and Christian – came on to them, their women and their children; had they opposed religious conversions the first time they encountered them, history would have recorded our ancestors as being intolerant and fascists back then itself, counting them in with other two intolerant religionists. Resultantly, by now the world would have got used to it, sparing you these labels.
  • Our ancestors – they were a strange lot. A rare lot. A naïve lot. Why can’t you be like them? Why did you have to educate yourself about your true history? Why couldn’t you continue to remain in the dark?
  • Our ancestors – they shed a silent tear when their women were abducted or were raped right in front of them. Why are you raising your voice against Love-Jihad, today?
  • Our ancestors – they chose to remain mum when hordes of missionaries proselytized our population, destroying our age-old, time-tested traditions and practices. Why are you petitioning for the criminalization of conversions, today?
  • Our ancestors – they silently took insults of their idols, resentment towards their religious practices, destruction of their high seats of learning, demolition of their heritage temples, appropriation of their culture and language. Why can’t you just let bygones be bygones? Why are you bending over backwards to educate the masses about it now?
  • Our ancestors – they watched in silence, sometimes helplessly and sometimes slothfully, deliberately by some in power, and powerlessly by some, as foreign powers and inbred traitors with vested interests overtook our history books, manipulating it to retrofit the colonizers’ narrative. Why are you, all of a sudden, taking notice of the truth about your own history after all these centuries? Why does AIT suddenly bother you now? Why does the wrong dating of the Vedas trouble you now?
  • Our ancestors – they had no problem with flawed, incestuous, lecherous, violent passages from foreign religious texts being promulgated as moral science to school students. Why are you suddenly spreading awareness about the doctrinal immorality and logical absurdities from their scriptures?
  • Our ancestors – they wiped off their faces when they were spat at after being called kafirs and barbarians and were often killed on that pretext. Shouldn’t you do the same, instead of spitting back on them?
You are hurting them by suddenly turning hostile to all their atrocities. They are only carrying on the legacy of their ancestors. Shouldn’t you carry on yours? You have to bear it because your country has declared itself secular and a big chunk of the definition of being secular is letting minorities walk all over you. Don’t think of getting away defending yourself? It is unacceptable. Only because it is all coming very late in your history. These are all the perks of being a majority. If you really want to earn the privilege of raising your voice and of being heard, too, then show some patience. Wait till you become a minority.

As kids, perhaps, you were given long discourses on Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. What they did not tell you is that the principle works only one way. The onus of treating “them” as your own family is on you, not on them. You know why? Because they haven’t been read out the same passages. Luckily for them, their scriptures not only don’t carry them, but they carry the contrary. Hence, like secularism, this, too, is a one-sided affair, expected to be followed only by you. So, blame it on that teaching and your ancestors for practicing that teaching, all these centuries, making Hindu retaliation a novelty today.

Our previous generations had Muslims and Christians for friends and didn’t you hear the stories about their harmonious living? The secret to that harmony was tolerance. A one-sided one. Doctrinal, you see! That say, “Thou shalt be intolerant and put to sword all the k’frs and convert all the barbarians.” How does it matter who displayed tolerance and who intolerance? It was all harmonious in the end. That is all that mattered. It made the Abrahamics happy that they could carry on their atrocious business of appropriation and proselytization, love-jihad and Shariat, uncontested and it made the ancestors happy that they were able to retain their civilizational labels of “melting pot” and “tolerant race.” What a win-win situation!

When the fanatic factions drove our forefathers to the edge, the latter remained unperturbed, quietly containing it, taking the oppression in their stride and carried on with their lives, singing, “SarveJanah SukhinoBhavantu.”

They allowed the Abrahamics’ numbers to grow gradually, taking refuge in the doctrine of Karma, justifying that “their karma will eventually get them.” Unlike you, today, they didn’t turn into hardliners! Why did you have to grow a spine? Why can’t you sit back and watch them grow into a majority? What would happen at the most? A Shariat nation? Or a Christian theocracy? So what? Why are you so intolerant to those ideologies? Didn’t others like Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, etc, allow the rape of their culture? Why can’t you allow it too, Sanatanis? Don’t you know , your rapist turns aggressive only when you riot and resist. He is otherwise a peaceful.

I agree, ancestors are a distant memory. It is difficult to emulate something that is past. How about learning from the fellow, cherry-picker Hindus that want you to stop all resistance to rape , and enjoy it more than ever. Because, resisting rape now has a new definition – it is called COMMUNALISM. So, shove your anger up your backside and roll over and die. The culture rapists won’t take long!

Soon , you will be a minority which will usher in a new era, where there will be no need for proselytization, where peace and peacefuls, love and lovefuls will prevail.

Author: Esther Dhanraj.
Esther Dhanraj, is a former Christian, and lay evangelist, having quit her faith after practicing it for 25 years. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from Osmania University.

Courtesy : IK

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