Adopting Hindu names for destroying Hinduism

How come I am a Hindu?" said Rajiv Gandhi.

"How come I am a Hindu?"
said Rajiv Gandhi.

During his visit to Kashmir in the late eighties, the Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi was adamant to drive his Safari himself across the tunnel, when both the air and road traffic were closed due to heavy snowfall. For others, it was a violation of law, but Mr. Clean was above the law of the land. The Safari was, however, almost hand lifted by a Brigadier, the I / C Commanding Officer at Udhampur to the north portal of the tunnel Kashmir Valley was covered white. The road traffic had come to standstill. I along with my children walked the distance from Magarmal Bagh to Zainakot, HMT crossing. En route, we, besides a crowd of people had to stand on the roadside at kamarwari Chattabal, until the cavalcade of the two non-serious Heads, who were the curse on the people, thrust by their self-centered parents on the innocent Indians including the Kashmiris. We Kashmiri people were doubly cursed. Both our Prime Minister and the Chief Minister had inherited their respective thrones courtesy manipulation of democracy. The senior Clean was at the steering wheel while the local Clean was next to him waving hands to the public standing under compulsion due to the traffic hazard. A little ahead the caravan had a temporary stopover at Maulvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari’s residence at Kamarwari crossing over a tea party.

Doordarshan Kashmir Evening News Bulletin had given full coverage to the PM’s valley joy tour. A special event on the news made me believe that faces are deceptive. Though Clean, yet filthy within. Farooq in his dramatic style held Rajiv’s hand tight in his hand and lifted a hand to exhibit commitment:” Aaj eak Musalman eak Hindu key Saath muhadha kerta hai (Today a Musalman and a Hindu do commit to each other.” Naming Rajiv as Hindu was nothing short of an electric current to Rajiv. He in a jolt withdrew his hand and said: “Maie kehan Hindu houn(How come I am a Hindu?” Farooq said: “Thodee dhair key leiay maan lo na. (Let it be for a while)”.

The next day or the same day, the two were, stopped by Farooq Ahangar, a National Conference worker at Kanikadal crossing leading to Tankipora, near Hari halwa's shop. Rajiv followed Farooq and, both one by one shook hand with Farooq Ahangar.

Hari Halwaie’s immediate prophecy was that a bad day for India is bound to come.
The same year Lala Tirth Ram Amila, Raj Sabha Member (Congress) forewarned Raj Sabha about the infiltration of militants. Rajiv gagged Lala Ji and said: “Lala Ji you are not here to spread rumors”.

In Bhaarat, Rajiv Gandhi who was a Muslim (Most of the Bharatiya people believe that he is a Hindu due to his name) became a Roman Catholic and still, Bharatiya made him the Prime Minister of Bhaarat (80% of people in Bhaarat are Hindu.) That happens only in Bhaarat. However, adopting Hindu names and practices poses a danger. If a convert adopts the name Joseph we immediately know that he is different, but if he keeps his name Jagannath or Jagadish and becomes a Christian we can't distinguish him. Rajiv kept his Hindu name to deceive Hindus in spite of being a Muslim and later converted to Christianity, the religion of his wife. Many Christians and Muslims are taking Hindu names for fooling and deceiving Hindus. Daya Shankar, Dinesh, Sunil, Nirmala, Deepak, Kirti, Shakti Singh, Bhanu Pratap, Vivekananda, Kapil, Manohar, Vidyadhar, Arvind, Shanti Prasad, Premchand, Vimla, Anand, Vinod Kumar, Jyoti, Rajni, Jai Shree, Yashwant, Shalini, Ajay Singh, Ajat Shatru are all names of Christians and some Muslims are also having such name for getting jobs or for merging with Hindus for creating terrorist activities. Many Christian ministers in the government are having Hindu names.

Ambika Soni is a Christian lady with a Hindu name. She is trying to destroy the Hindu religion. How did Ambika Soni, in spite of being Christian come to the conclusion that NASA's evidence is not reliable about Ram Sethu? She is neither being logical, nor neutral, but is divesting her anti-Hindu propensity. She is not even doing her job properly; she is mishandling and bungling her job. If she were doing her job, she would be setting funds to classify Ram Sethu as an Ancient-Monument, which is older than the pyramids, older than the Great Wall Of China, in fact, it is the oldest man-made structure in the world. She would try to propagate the importance and history of this great monument and notify the government about its significance, importance, and antiquity of it. She has not done any study to determine the age, antiquity, and heritage value of this great monument. Of course, this monument is highly sacred to over one billion Hindus. But this is never a consideration in Ambika Soni's thinking that is why she has such a reputation for being anti-Hindu. Her assessment of the situation is purely anti-Hindu, political, and not scientific.

Ms. Gandhi, an Italian-born Roman Catholic, hails from a family loyal to Benito Mussolini. She married Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, son of the then Indian Prime Minister Indira khan (commonly known as Gandhi); he became Prime Minister after her assassination in 1984. In 1991, Congress failed to win enough seats to form its own government, so Mr. Narasimha Rao was asked to cobble a working majority, while the widowed Ms. Gandhi bided her time. By 1996, she felt strong enough to physically take over the party from president Sitaram Kesri, but in 2004, despite overt support, was denied premiership and forced to make way for Dr. Man Mohan Singh.

She now hopes to groom her son, Rahul Gandhi, for leadership of the party and country. The citizenship status of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and her two children has never been clarified; she is a naturalized Indian and under Roman law, she and her offspring are eternally entitled to Roman citizenship. This was how she took her husband and children to the Italian embassy in 1977 after Mrs. Indira Gandhi lost the elections.

Ms. Gandhi’s long and privileged stay in this country was lucrative to her native country and friends. The Italian public sector Snam Progetti won extravagant and regular fertilizer contracts in India, and her personal friend Ottavio Quattrochi even doubled up as a middleman in the Bofors kickbacks scandal. The Congress president had enough political cachet to help friends evade justice after the scandal broke, and as UPA chairperson ensured that the Bofors monies, frozen in two London accounts, were released to Mr. Quattrochi, and that he walked free after detention in Argentina!

More recently, she struggled hard to impose the controversial Indo-US nuclear deal on the nation, despite its crippling financial, technological, and security implications for Bhaarat. The covert but firm opposition of coalition partners to premature elections appears to have scuttled the deal, but it is too early to celebrate. Observers expect Congress to somehow ‘buy’ Left compliance.

Should we be proud of Bobby Jindal?

Bobby Jindal was born to relatively affluent professionals in Louisiana, he rejected his Bharatiya name (Piyush) as a very young child, insisting that he be called Bobby, after a (white) character on the popular TV show 'The Brady Bunch'. His desire to fit into the majority-white society he saw around him soon manifested itself in another act of rejection: Bobby spurned the Hinduism into which he was born and, as a teenager, converted to Roman Catholicism, the faith of most white Louisianans. After conversion to Christianity, he did not change his Hindu name to maintain his Hindu identity as well.
  • The election of Bobby Jindal as governor of the US state of Louisiana has been greeted exultantly by Bhaaratiyas and Indian-Americans around the world. There's no question that this is an extraordinary accomplishment: a young Indian-American, just 36 years old.
  • Jindal asked his Indian wife, Supriya, to convert to Christianity as well, and the two are regular churchgoers. In his social circle, Bobby Jindal is considered a very conservative Christian.
  • Let us be proud that a brown-skinned man with a Bharatiya name has achieved what Bobby Jindal has. But let us not make the mistake of thinking that we should be proud of what he stands for.
  • To achieve something poor people are leaving Sanatan Dharm and Bobby did the same thing what is the difference. Why give labels made in India ....Hindus treat Hindutva like their mothers can’t give her up for anything and most of you will not. The point is don’t just be happy because of some sensation created by a converted Hindu. He won’t be of any use to you or for Hindutva....keep this thing in mind. Hindus should not be heartbroken....He has left all Hindus willingly let him go. do not label his family as they are still practicing does not matter at all....he has set precedence for people eying for higher convert and achieve...
If he helps Bhaarat, we should be thankful, as for Hindus he can be of no help. And most of us know, during California Books Crisis, it was Indian Christians and Communists who were supporting Michael Witzel of Harvard University.

Muslims Use Hindu Names to Survive

Muslims could be using Hindu names to survive, but can you blame Hindus who know that terrorists all over the world are all Muslims. And this also could be a trap for Hindu girls who may date or marry a Muslim who is using a Hindu name. In fact, Hindu organizations need to educate fellowmen regarding those Muslims who are hiding under Hindu names. Non-Hindu girls need to know about this trap.

-- Excerpts from the news:--Muslims Use Hindu Names to Survive Al Alam -- August 25, 2007
"Fifteen years ago, when I came to Calcutta in search of a job, almost all street restaurants in the city refused to employ me because I was a Muslim," Shaikh Salim told the Washington Times on Tuesday, August 21.

"But soon I met a Muslim man who worked as a cook in a Hindu-owned restaurant under a Hindu identity. I followed his advice, picked up a Hindu identity, and soon an upper-class Hindu employed me to run a food stall."

Salim, who goes by the common Hindu name Shankar Maity, now runs a food stall in a busy street in Calcutta, which he calls "Shankar's Fast Food."

Nearly all of his customers are Hindus and he fears his business would suffer disastrously if they found out about his Muslim identity.

This is a Great-Opportunity for the Hindus, to convert a whole slew of Moslems to Hinduism.
There are tens of thousands of Moslems, who are using Hindu names (but are actually practicing Moslems), to secure jobs from Hindu employers, to survive. These Moslems are living a Double-Life. A Double-Life is never easy; it is neither easy nor simple. There is always the fear of being discovered and fired from the job. Unfortunately, most Hindu employers never do any detective work, to discover the real identity of their employees. What is required is an Army of Dedicated Hindu Dharm-Yodhas, who would do the detective-work, and notify the Hindu-Employer of any Double-Life Hindu (a Phony-Hindu), and the Phoney would be fired immediately.

Chances are that this technique works? Because the Moslem has an Addiction. The Moslem is Addicted to eating. He would rather dump his Islam (and become Hindu) than go without eating and die of starvation.

Hinduism can only flourish if such rules as Shuddhi and the non-acceptance of non-vegetarians are allowed. Till we can evolve a method of conversion we will just die on the wine in the future. We must work toward reformation.

Do the Hindus have to create means to do this? The Hindu has more than enough resources (in terms of money) to hire Dedicated Dharm-Yodhas and lots of them. This technique can work equally well (if not better) on Christians as well. Bhaarat is full of RICE-CHRISTIANS.

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