Swami Vivekananda: An Icon of the Youth

Vishwa Bhaarath
It"s time to revisit Swami Vivekananda"s holy ideas on his birth anniversary, which are still relevant in today"s world. Every Indian, especially young people, must reflect on Swamiji"s teachings on Sanatan Dharma and the spiritual, social, and economic development of the nation.

We can sense Vivekananda’s pain as well as his love for his motherland in his words. "Hindus, De-hypnotize Yourself Let us proclaim to every soul: "Arise, awake, and do not stop until the goal is attained." Awaken, awaken Break free from the hypnosis of weakness. The soul is infinite, omnipotent, and omniscient, so none are truly weak. Stand up, be assertive, proclaim the God within you, and do not deny Him! Too much inactivity, too much weakness, too much hypnosis has been and continue to be a burden on our race. De-hypnotize yourself, O modern Hindus. The method is found in your own sacred books. Teach yourself, teach everyone his true nature, and watch how the sleeping soul awakens. Power, glory, and goodness will all arrive. When this sleeping soul is roused to self-conscious activity, purity, and everything excellent will come.

Swamiji explained the purpose of life in a more profound way.

This life is brief, and the world's whims are fleeting, but those who live for others live alone; the rest are more dead than alive. You have unlimited power; you can do anything and everything. Believe in that; don't believe you're weak; don't believe you're half-crazy lunatics, as most of us do these days. You are capable of accomplishing anything and everything without the assistance of anyone. There is complete power. Stand up and express the divinity that resides within you.
It is very good to be born within the boundaries of certain forms that help the little plant of spirituality, but if a man dies within the boundaries of these forms, it shows that he has not grown, that the soul has not developed.

This story explains Swamiji's mental presence and depth of knowledge.

Once, he met the Maharaja of Alwar through Dewan Ramchandraji. The Maharaja inquired at the start of the conversation: "Swamiji, please! You are a fantastic scholar who can easily earn a large sum of money. So why do you keep begging?" Swamiji had already learned something about the Maharaja. He responded right away, "Oh, Maharaja! Tell me, why do you spend your time with westerners all the time, go on shooting trips in the woods, and ignore your responsibilities to the state?" The Maharaja was taken aback when he heard the bitter truth from the mouth of a Sanyasi. "I'm not sure why I do it, but it's something I enjoy doing." The response was prompt: "Well, for the same reasons I wander around as a fakir."
His next question was about idol worship "Swamiji, I have no belief in idol worship ".. In the same room, a portrait of the Maharaja hung on the wall. Swamiji asked whose portrait it was as he removed it from the wall. Dewanji responded that it was a resemblance to our Maharaja. "Spit on this portrait," Swamiji said to Dewan. Everyone was taken aback. Swamiji stated once more, "Seriously." "It's just a piece of paper." The Maharaja is not depicted in the portrait. "Spit on it again," I say. "This is a portrait of our Maharaja," Dewan said, panicked. Do you want me to spit on it? Oh my God!!" Swamiji then turned to face the Maharaja and said, "You may not be in the portrait, but your employees see you in it." Spitting on it is the same as spitting on you. This is the state of believers who worship idols. Idols assist them in focusing on God. They do not worship the idol, but rather see God in it. I've never seen Hindu worship only a stone, nor have I ever heard a believer say, "O stone!" I adore Thee! Metal, metal! "Please be merciful to me." "You have opened my eyes," said the Maharaja, folding his hands.

How Swamiji inspired and developed his disciples for the sake of the national cause.

"This country requires brave people. As a result, be brave. A man only dies once. My disciples must not be afraid. All of your abilities are hidden within you. Uncover your hidden potential. Today's nation seeks bravery, vitality, and strength."
Swami Vivekananda ignited the youth power in this country and used that power to free the country from foreigners' shackles. In their words, Mother India has the power to inspire the youth and inspire them to do national service in order to become the Jagadguru. Every day, when you say Vandemataram in Samarth Bharat Parvat, we should share a revolutionary idea, a song, a dream with others, through our programs, youth inspiration camps, exhibitions, activist training camps, public programs for the people, to give their time and energy to the common people, especially the youth. To be motivated.

He is you.

You are the Self, the all-powerful God of the universe. Say, "I am Existence Absolute, Bliss Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, I am He," and, like a lion breaking its chain, you will be free for all time. What scares you, what holds you back? Nothing but ignorance and delusion can bind you. You are the Ever-Blessed One, the Pure One.

Animal and Human - we are bound by our senses; they constantly play tricks on us and make us look foolish. What is the distinction between humans and animals? "Food and (sleep), species procreation, and fear are all things that animals have in common. There is one difference: man has the ability to control all of these and become God, the master. Animals are incapable of doing so."

Glorious Rejuvenated Bharat in the eyes of Swamiji

I do not see into the future, nor do I want to. But one vision stands out as clear as life itself: The ancient Mother has awoken once more, sitting on Her throne, rejuvenated and more glorious than ever. Proclaim Her to the entire world with a voice of peace and blessing.
It is once again time to follow Swamiji's wisdom and put all that is good in Sanatan Dharma into practice in society in order to make our nation "Vishwaguru."

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