India as the World Mother

Vishwa Bhaarath
India as the World Mother

India as the World Mother

India is like Mother Earth, reflecting her in a tropical abundance and carrying her secret will for the evolution of consciousness. India is like the Divine Mother incarnate holding the world Shakti in order to uplift humanity. She is like the caring cow that the culture has always afforded the highest reverence, providing nourishment for all.

India, in many respects, is the mother of humanity and the mother of civilization, particularly for the spiritual and yogic life. The great dharmic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism arose through the power of this land, its sages, culture, and peoples. These sages have left their imprint on the country by the power of their tapas, their yogic force which one can still feel in the many temples and tirthas of the region, giving the region a palpable spiritual presence. India has best preserved the type of spiritual civilization that once dominated the ancient world from Egypt to China, Indochina, Peru, and Mexico. It continues the ancient traditions of temple worship and carries on the old solar religion of enlightenment and self-realization, linking us to the ancient spiritual humanity from which we digressed. It is not in the deserts of the Middle East, with their few or meager rivers that could not sustain significant populations, where civilization arose but in India, the world’s most fertile subcontinent.

The greater Himalayan mountains, which ring the plateau of Tibet, mark the crown chakra of the globe.  Not surprisingly, the loftiest philosophies and meditation traditions have come from this region. While India has taken the greater portion of the Himalayan rivers, others flow to Indochina, China, and Central Asia and carry the influence of these great mountains and their sages in different directions. 

The Divine Mother is the source of all evolutionary transformations, of all life and creation itself. It is not we human beings who determine or guide history,  progress, or evolution. It is not our scientists, politicians, economists, or intellectuals who consciously create our destiny as a species or as a planet. We are mere pawns in the hands of forces that we do not even see. India with its yogic culture holds the key to these transformations, if we would but recognize and honor her cultural potential for all humanity and all time.

by: David Frawley

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