Muslim Rashtriya Manch To Host Iftar And Eid Milan, Invite Senior RSS Leaders

Vishwa Bhaarath
Muslim Rashtriya Manch

New Delhi, Mar 26 (PTI) The Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) will host community Iftar across the country in the holy month of Ramzan in April and its founder Indresh Kumar will request the RSS central team to attend the event in their locality.

After Ramzan, the RSS-linked outfit will also organize Eid Milan celebrations across the country and invite eminent people from various sections of the society and RSS leaders to send out a message of peace, harmony, unity, and patriotism.
  • "Every worker of the MRM will host Iftaar, at least for one day, in the holy month of Ramzan across the country.
  • "The decision was taken here on Saturday at a meeting, presided over by the MRM founder and chief patron Indresh Kumar," the outfit's spokesperson Shahid Sayeed told PTI.
  • The MRM will also organize Eid Milan celebrations across the country, he said.
  • "Indresh Kumar Ji will personally request the RSS central team to attend the Iftar to be hosted by the MRM workers in their respective areas," Sayeed said.
  • "Senior RSS leaders will also be invited to join Eid Milan celebrations to be organized by us after Ramzan." Kumar, the RSS' national executive member, had founded the MRM in November 2002 with the stated objective of bringing Muslims closer to Hindus in the country.
Sayeed said the meeting deliberated on various "important issues" and chalked out an action plan to achieve its mission of bridging divides in the society through interfaith dialogue and other activities.
  • "The meeting resolved that MRM will continue spreading the message of love and peace against hatred, war, cruelty in different parts of the world and contribute significantly in crushing anti-India forces and ideology," he said.
  • The MRM spokesperson said the meeting stressed the need to further expand the organization to achieve its target and decided to start a membership drive in India and abroad.
  • "The meeting appreciated the film 'The Kashmir Files', noting that it has brought the truth before the people. "It called upon people belonging to various religions, intellectuals, and politicians to come forward and condemn what happened in Kashmir in the 1990s, and contribute in the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits," he said.
The meeting was attended by all the top functionaries and the office bearers of the MRM and its wings operating across the country. PTI PK NSD NSD

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