Dear Hindus Stop Eating Haleem

Vishwa Bhaarath
Dear Hindus Stop Eating Haleem

Let us understand the truth before eating Haleem in Hotels

Many Hindus unknowingly eat Haleem as they mention Mutton/Chicken Haleem but the fact is there is no Haleem without beef.

Nowadays, 10 kgs of goat meat is costing around 6000 rupees - that too with bones. Then how come a plate of Haleem is being provided at Rs.100?

If anyone is doing business they don't do it if they don't make considerable profit. Then how are these people selling Haleem for this cheap price? 
  They are buying the meat of Gau mata at 200 rupees per kg and mixing it in the Haleem. On Ramzan days, in hotels, more Hindus are eating Haleem than Muslims. In front of the Hotel, they put a big board saying "Pure Mutton Haleem", but they make you eat Haleem mixed with Gau meat when you go inside.

That means we are becoming killers of Gau mata even without our knowing or consent.
My dear Hindu brothers, please think once before. If we don't eat Haleem, half of what they make will go to waste and hence they start making less - which means we will be saving more cows.

Let us save Gau mata.
Let us conserve Indian culture.
Jai Gau Mata -- Jai Jai Gau Mata

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