Kerala: Judge VG Sridevi gets threats from Islamists for death sentence to 15 convicts in Ranjith Sreenivasan murder case

Vishwa Bhaarath
Kerala: Judge VG Sridevi gets threats from Islamists for death sentence to 15 convicts in Ranjith Sreenivasan murder case
Image via Janam TV English/Organiser
Judge VG Sridevi, awarded the death sentence to the terrorists of the banned jihadi organization Popular Front of India and its political outfit Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in connection to the brutal murder of Bharatiya Janata Party leader and advocate Ranjith Sreenivasan, has now come under fire from Muslim fundamentalists. She is being threatened through social media which has led to an increase in her security.

The Alappuzha South Police have reportedly filed at least six cases about threats against the judge. According to the authorities, the First Information Report has been launched against Beevi KU, Aslam Valavupacha, Naseermon Khalil, Azad Ameer, Rafi Thiruvananthapuram and Shafeeq for provoking violence. Furthermore, two persons have been arrested regarding the matter.

The judge at Kerala’s Mavelikkara Additional District Sessions Court, Alappuzha pronounced the verdict on the 2021 murder case of Ranjith Sreenivasan, the state (Other Backward Class) OBC Morcha secretary of the BJP. She issued death sentences to the fifteen convicts of the aforementioned Islamist groups on 30th January this year. The radicals in Kerala have been attacking her ever since the ruling. She has become the target of a social media hate campaign by Islamic fanatics affiliated with PFI. They are posting her pictures online. The Kerala Police have beefed up her security in response to these concerns.

The two offenders have been caught by the cops from Thiruvananthapuram and Allapuzha. Judge Sridevi’s protection was stepped up earlier on 30th January. A further set of chargesheet is anticipated to be submitted in the case which contains the identities of the fifteen PFI cadres who were involved in plotting the murder and erasing evidence.

Ranjith Sreenivasan was murdered in front of his family members on 19th December 2021 by entering his house. Naeem, Mohammed Aslam, Anoop, Ajmal, Abdul Kalam alias Salam, Abdul Kalam, Safaruddin, Manshad, Jaseeb Raja, Nawas, Sameer, Nazir, Zakir Hussain, Shaji and Shernus Ashraf were found guilty of the crime by the Mavelikkara Court.

All of them are residents of Alappuzha and are associated with the outlawed PFI and its political wing SDPI. The first eight of these perpetrators have been held directly responsible for the murder. The court has imposed four more sections including section 302 (which prescribes the punishment for murder) on them. Notably, while they were assassinating the victim, the rest were standing guard outside his residence with deadly weapons.

In addition, culprits number 13, 14, and 15 in the case were adjudged culpable of murderous conspiracy by the court. The police had produced a hit list before the court that was obtained from Anoop’s phone. It became a significant piece of evidence in the matter. More than 150 individuals, including Ranjith Sreenivasan, were named on the list. They also featured the names of numerous leaders belonging to BJP and Hindu organizations.

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