Dear “Educated” Urbanized Hindus, Please Do Not Be An Enabler Of Your Own End

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Dear “Educated” Urbanized Hindus, Please Do Not Be An Enabler Of Your Own End
Educated Urbanized Hindus


At the beginning, a very much needed disclaimer: This article is not, we repeat, IS NOT against any religion. We do not intend anything harmful to other faiths. It is against our basic doctrine. We wish everyone well. We plead with all the impartial members of other faiths to look at the contents of this article with a balanced, judicious, prudent angle and actively collaborate with their hindu brethren for building a cordial, congenial and concordant society. ‘Live and let live’ is the core catchphrase. This is a cry for survival for hindus, not antithetical to any other faith. There is nothing wrong in telling my son to work hard and be successful in life as long as I do not incite him to inflict injury to his classmate. Is it not?

The Situation Now

The recent working paper by the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PM-EAC) that shows how Hindu population has shrunk by 7.8% while the Muslim population grew by 43% is alarming, to say the least. It palpably portends portentous posterity for our progeny, unless we launch resolute remedial action right now. In fact, it is now or never.

Historical Facts

Quite often we read reports that idols of our Hindu deities are excavated/discovered in far off foreign lands, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc. On such news, we chuckle with pride and claim that our Sanatana Dharma was followed in the entire globe once upon a time. But, this is not a news to be happy; far from it. We have to ponder over and question ourselves as to why it has vanished now? Also, what is the guarantee that it will continue to exist in our nation? If we don’t act now, are we not paving the way when our future generation will excavate idols of our sacred deities from the remains at Thanjavur, Chidambaram, Srirangam etc.? We shudder to even imagine such a picture. Such an intense reaction of revulsion, recoil, repulsion should instantly develop in our hearts even when we read such archaeological reports. The alarming fact is that our Sanatana Dharma represented by Hindu faith is dwindling fast geographically. Forget about far off Mexico, Russia, South America; It is no longer in nearer places like South East Asian lands, nor in Afghanistan, nor Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Kashmir was once upon a time the matchless jewel of Sanatana Dharma, a cradle of Vedic education, producer of unrivalled scholars, a beacon of knowledge beckoning students from all over the globe. Now, we know the present situation on which the less said is the better.

Reasons And Remedies

Now, there is no blaming of others. Nothing concrete will come out by throwing the ball in other’s court, while remaining inactive. As long as we attempt to pass the blame, we don’t improve. Hindus themselves are at fault with a major part of their contribution for this pathetic predicament. Let us look at their active and passive errors one by one.

Modern Hindu boys and girls prefer to postpone their marriage and family life as many years as they can. They are more focussed in ‘settling’ in life, gather all furniture and furnishings, facilities and fittings for a fashionable life before planning for marriage. Several crucial years are wasted in the process and when they start the search they are mostly in their late thirties and even early forties. This misconstrued mindset is a mortal mistake and it is the first brick they lay in burying our Sanatana Dharma. The longer they continue this slant, the more difficult the restoration is going to be.

A corollary to late marriage is restriction of begetting children. The number invariably does not go beyond a solitary one. This is suicidal. They are hastening the process of reducing Hindu population.

So, our young Hindu boys and girls should get married as soon as possible, i.e., immediately after reaching the legally permitted age and should not hesitate to beget children in large numbers as soon as they can. They should also eschew the modern mistaken preference for nuclear family and revert to joint family system. This step needs a change in their mindset, an attitude to adjust with each other, adoption of a policy of give and take in every situation.

Elders in the family have a major role to play here. They should not waste their time in useless gossip but involve themselves in teaching moral values to their grandchildren, assisting other member in the daily chores, providing valuable suggestions and advices wherever needed and conduct themselves unobtrusively in such a manner so that they will not be considered as a liability to the family. The earning younger members should bestow all their attention and affection on the aged parents, as a commitment of repaying for their toil in bringing them up. There should be a bond of selfless love and sacrifice among all the members, the home blossoming into a beautiful, blissful Shangri-La.

Complete faith in the tenets of our scriptures by all the members is a sine qua non for the survival and growth of our Sanatana Dharma. In fact, it is much more than faith; it is acceptance of basic verities of life as irrefragable commands. Not only a mental acceptance, but a regular daily practice of all the prescribed duties is a must. Hinduism can flourish only through actual observance of all the laid down rules and not by mere propagation nor preaching.

Even after decades of independence, we blindly continue to adopt the customs and manners of the westerners in dress, in social gatherings, in our daily habits, including eating. Let us switch over to our traditional dress in public, display boldly our sacred bhasma/tilak on our forehead, visit temples and other places daily in our customary attire, thus exhibiting that we mean strict business. Fortunately in all such matters, followers of other faiths have demonstrated themselves as exemplary pioneers. Let us follow them instead of the foreigners.

We should visit our temples with family more often and if possible on a daily basis, arrange lectures on our ithihasas like Ramayanam, Maha Bharatam, Bhagavatam, history of our seers and saints etc. We should ensure that our young children are made aware of our richest repertoire of illuminating injunctions contained in our shastras and their scientific relevance even today.

Nowadays, we witness lot of divisive forces suddenly cropping up among us in various hues and although ostensibly they are claiming to work for the welfare of the respective section, the sinister, deeper agenda of the promoters is to confuse us with contradictory data, to divide us into dissenting groups, create rift among us and destroy our unity as a single entity, viz., Hindus, in other words, followers of Sanatana Dharma. Let us be wary of their intent, be ever watchful and not fall a prey to them. We seem to have forgotten the fundamental formula that we learnt in our first standard that ‘Unity is Strength’. The Hindu society is divided into many constituents and most often they compete among themselves with all animosity and acrimony, allowing the aliens to exploit them. For instance, in Tamil Nadu alone, there are Kongu Vellalars, Yadhavas, Mukkulatthors, Chettiars, Nadars etc. It is a pathetic spectacle that in every election, parties should be careful enough to select a candidate of the local caste, irrespective of his credentials to ensure victory. This is indeed, sad. In Mahabharata, once Duryodana and his brothers were taken as prisoners by Gandharvas. While others rejoiced at this spectacle, Yudhishtira was very clear. He directed Arjuna to go immediately, fight with the Gandharvas and release Duryodana and others. Yudhishtira said, ‘We may be having quarrels with Duryodana; but, when it comes to dealing with an outsider, we are one, we are brothers’. Therefore, whatever be the inner sect, philosophy, caste, creed etc. to which we may belong, when the crucial moment like election comes, we should be firm that we are ONE. We will voice our opinion as one. In other religions also there are umpteen divisions and they fight with each other with all their force, but when the occasion demands they unite as one voice. Let us follow their example to the ‘T’.


It is now or never. It is in the hands of our young force to realise the present perilous condition, develop staunch attachment to our Sanatana Dharma and act as soldiers to protect it from predators and preserve it for posterity. No useful purpose is served by looking at the frightening statistical figures and feeling forlorn. Let us start shaping our own history for the benefit of all. We reiterate the discalimer with which we started that we are not against any religion. Our motto is ‘Sarve Janna Sukhino Bhavanthu’. We wish, as ordained in our Sanaana Dharma, every prosperity for all mankind.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया, सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुख भागभवेत।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः||

Author:  Parasuram Sharma is a retired bank officer and an octogenarian whose interests include Sanathana Dharmam, Samskritam, history and politics.
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