#MadhyaPradesh: Teacher Nishaad Begum gets a class 8 student beaten up for sporting ‘tilak’ to school, NCPCR orders probe

Vishwa Bhaarath
#MadhyaPradesh: Teacher Nishaad Begum gets a class 8 student beaten up for sporting ‘tilak’ to school, NCPCR orders probe
The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has written to the Raisen district officer in Madhya Pradesh to carry out a probe in a deplorable incident where a school teacher named Nishaad Begum has been accused of getting a minor boy beaten up for sporting a Tilak to school.

Taking cognisance of the case in accordance with provision 31(1)(J) of the CPCR Act 2005, NCPCR has granted 7 days to the district officer to carry out the probe and submit its report on the same before the statutory body. In the letter dated September 18, 2021, the statutory body informs that the father of the victim has alleged that his son’s class teacher got his son beaten up by outsiders for merely wearing Tilak to school.

Apprising the Raisen district officer about the case, NCPCR has sought various documents, like the proof of age and the medical reports of the victim, from the officer. This incident of bigotry and communal hatred came to the fore after various Hindi media outlets reported the matter. According to reports, Pawan Sen, a student of class 8 studying in Government Primary school in Gairatganj Tehsil in Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh was assaulted by some people, who did not belong to the school, on the instructions of his teacher named Nishaad Begum. The teacher was reportedly irked by the fact that the student wore a Tilak to school.

Meanwhile, a video of the injured boy recuperating in the hospital after being assaulted is being widely shared on social media. In the video, the boy is heard telling the media person that he visits a temple every day before going to school where the priest applies a tilak on his forhead.

Pawan Sen further reveals that when he went to school three days ago sporting a tilak, his teacher, whom he identifies as Nisaad ma’am, warned him against wearing the same to school. She threatened Pawan that she would either hit him or get him beaten up if he continues to wear a tilak to her class. Pawan added that the day the incident took place, he, as usual, went to school wearing the tilak. The agitated teacher then got him beaten up by some people, revealed the minor boy.
According to reports, after the assault, Pawan Sen was taken to Gairatganj Primary Health Center where he received first aid. He was then referred to the District Hospital, Raisen, where he is undergoing treatment. The father of the victim has submitted a memorandum to the Collector and the Superintendent of Police demanding action against the teacher. Based on the boy’s and his family’s statement, the Gairatganj police have registered a case against the school teacher and the matter is being probed. The teacher, on the other hand, has come out in her defence saying that a scuffle had broken out between the children in school, in which Pawan Sen got injured.

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