‘Mera Yeshu Yeshu’ to exorcism in slow motion: Funny Christian conversion videos which are no joke

Vishwa Bhaarath
‘Mera Yeshu Yeshu’ to exorcism in slow motion: Funny Christian conversion videos which are no joke

What is worrying is that the gullible Hindus are being lured to these fraudulent events more than ever. Even though these videos look comical and utterly non-sensical for an average person, it is far more series than what we think.
A few days ago, a video of Prophet Bajinder Singh and a minor boy had gone viral on the internet. The video had sparked controversy and fuelled a meme fest on the internet.

In the video, which appears to be from a Christian missionary event, a minor boy was seen weeping profusely. Then, the pastor asks him if his sister could speak earlier. The boy answers in the negative. Then he is asked whether she could speak now, and this time he answers in the affirmative. The song that was playing in the background is “Mera Yeshu Yeshu”.
The video not only kicked up a meme marathon on the internet but also ignited a series of debates on the grand intent and the strong motive that the Christian missionaries possess to convert gullible into Christianity forcefully.

Sadly, the internet is full of videos of such acts that show how Christian missionaries have been successful in trapping innocent people in their conversion mafia. The evangelical organisations, foreign Christian organisations, have left no opportunity in the last few decades to lure innocent Hindus into Christianity by church planting, organising mass evangelical camps, mass prayer and healing events, etc.

We see several videos of Christian events on social media platforms and mock these desi-evangelists for their stupidity. However, worryingly, these evangelical events have become major means of converting non-Christians into the fold of their religion in the last few decades. So, while we laugh at them, the evangelists have successfully lure gullible Hindus from heartlands, deep forests, rural areas, metropolitan cities without any shame or fear of action.

Here are some of such videos of Christian missionaries in the country, in which they fool people and convert innocent people into Christianity.

1. Pastor revives failed kidneys with the power of Jesus:

Pushpa Diwadkar, who hails from Santa Cruz, Mumbai, has been suffering from a failed disc and also both her kidneys do not work anymore. Well, Pushpa Diwadkar finally meets a Pastor, who uses the power of Jesus Christ to not only treats her disc issues but also revive her failed kidneys.

As the song – “Yeh Honsla” from the Dor plays in the background, Pushpa Diwadkar is brought onto the stage by two white-clad angel-like sisters. Pushpa, standing next to her husband Kamalakar, narrates her ordeal about how she has been enduring pain for the last few years.
Terrified by the pain, Pushpa says she gave up on medicines thinking that there was no point in consuming them as she would die anyway. Optimum utilisation of resources, right? Pushpa now says she was bedridden for years. To which, the Pastor, perhaps blessed by Jesus directly, asks Pushpa, “Are you ready?”

“Ohhhhhh Shakararararar Rararara,” the Pastor in the suit chants as the angel-like followers of Pastor roll on the stage. “Join your hands,” he asks, “Close your eyes,” he demands. Yet again, the chants of “Shakararararar Rararara” echoes as Pushpa loses her consciousness and falls on the stage, while Kamalakkar is pushed off by the Pastor’s angels-like supporters.

Now, Jesus-blessed Pastor asks one of his angels to places her hands on Pushpa’s stomach, a symbolic way to repair her damaged kidneys. “In the holy name of Jesus, both the kidneys be healed,” prays the pastor.

Two saree clad angels now pick up Pushpa and make her stand on her own foot. The miracle has worked on Pushpa, and thanks to Pastor, Pushpa can now stand on her own feet.  There seems to be no end to Jesus-blessed Pushpa’s excitement as she walks on the ramp after being cured. But now she wants more, she wants to run on the ramp just like a deer. The angels in the backdrop now jump, dance and cheer for the miracles that Yeshu had brought upon Pushpa.

2. Jesus healing blind girl:

This act of Bajinder Singh is beyond science. Prophet Bajinder Singh of Chandigarh, a messenger of Jesus on earth, uses the miraculous power granted to him by the beloved Jesus to heal a blind girl. Prophet Bajinder Singh, who is once arrested for raping a woman, shows his rare quality of being an ophthalmologist in one of the evangelical events, where he prays to Jesus on behalf of a small blind kid.

The girl is blind by birth, says the Pastor. Prophet Bajinder now claims to help the blind kid to get her vision back by using his prophecy. Well, the lord, unwilling to say no to his follower, blesses the young child with the vision. It is all a happy ending. The parents of the young girl are now indebted to the miracles of Jesus as they cry and chant, “Hallelujah”. Word needs more Prophet Bajinder Singh to heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me, and the entire human race.

3. Jesus cures couple from AIDS:

Modern problems require modern solutions. Well, some say science is a panacea for all modern problems. However, certain things are beyond the realm of science. The viral disease of AIDS is one such thing. Several scientists worldwide have put decades of research to find a cure for this sexually transmitted disease. So far, nothing substantial has been achieved in finding a cure for HIV.

But, Pastor Bajinder Singh has a solution to AIDS. Yes, Pastor Bajinder Singh, the direct messenger of Yeshu, can cure almost every disease humanity has ever known. Well, this time, for the benefit of the poor human souls, Pastor Bajinder Singh finds ways to cure people contracted with HIV.

Pastor Bajinder Singh heals a husband-wife duo from AIDS. By tapping their head, rubbing their cheeks, chanting slogans of “Hallelujah”, Pastor Bajinder Singh – the blessed one saves the Punjabi couple from the satan called “AIDS”.

Amidst the chants of “Hallelujah”, the former AIDS patients, now fully recovered from their infection, happily cheers and dances along with the Pastor and his assistants. There are some things science can’t do. But, for everything else, there’s Pastor Bajinder Singh.

4. Royal Rumble of Conversions:

Next up is a video that challenges Science in more than one way. Not just one disease, not just one patient, but the Pastor of the Geoffrey Ministries in Chennai heals several people at one stroke. Geoffrey Ministries in Chennai regularly conducts mass healing and claim to heal a lot of diseases.

During a mass gathering conducted by Geoffrey Ministries, the Pastor cures kidney, liver ailments and other chronic problems on the stage. The patients with such life-threatening diseases get cured by a miracle by a simple touch of the Pastor. The Geoffrey Ministries in Chennai perfectly mocks science and rationale and, in turn, exploit poor people in the name of healing through faith and prayer.

In the below video, one can see how women are on rolling on the floor due to the magic touch of the Pastor. The Pastor is seen controlling the minds of poor souls who have attended the event just by his hand movements. The video shows some people are being treated for their chronic illness on stage. Some disabled men can be seen dancing while women jump around as the Pastor waves his hand.

One cannot know whether this is a staged event or real. One wonders if this is all true and real. If it’s indeed real, why cannot we employ Pastors from Geoffrey Ministry instead of spending so many resources on human health?

5. Young Jesus and his miracles:

It is not just grown men and women, even kids have been forefront at the of converting people into Christianity by indulging in fraudulent ways.

Here is Ankit Ram Babu, son of notorious evangelist Ram Babu. Ankit Babu has been in the conversion business for a very long time now. The below snippet shows how effective he is in luring innocent people by making them believe that he can cure diseases just like that in a snap of fingers.

The young evangelist cures a patient from his cancer on the live stage. “Thank you Lord for healing him and father, the work that has begun, bring it to completion,” prays Ankit Ram Babu, as he chants “, Amen, Amen”.

Ankit Babu, who is a much-experienced evangelist now, in his young avatar claims to have cured people with other disabilities as well. But, interestingly, the script is the same for almost every evangelist that operates in the country. They seem to have received magical powers from Jesus Christ to solve the deadliest disease just by their healing power.

6. Slow motion exorcism

Saved the best for the last.

In the above video, a woman who appears to be ‘possessed’ is likely being ‘cured’ or ‘exorcised’. All this is happening in slow motion. She slowly moves her hands around with her face contorted like she just hurt her toe on the stool amid the chants of ‘Hallelujah’. She gets up, shows of her tongue to the audience for reasons best known to her and makes strange hand gestures. It appears like she is tying herself in knots, literally. In more slow motion moves, she starts shaking vigorously before falling on the ground and rolling around.

The stunned audience then suddenly cheers as the slow motion woman is ‘cured’. These are just a few videos that expose the conversion racket of the Christian missionaries. There are many such videos that shed light on several such events that take place across the country on a daily basis seeking to convert Hindus to Christianity.

Nobody knows whether these are real events or staged. However, what is worrying is that the gullible Hindus are being lured to these fraudulent events more than ever. Even though these videos look comical and utterly non-sensical for an average person, it is far more serious than what we perceive it to be.

The menace of conversion activities by these evangelists has only grown in the last few years, especially in tribal areas such as Telangana, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, and the northeast states. The missionaries have gone to those areas that are hitherto untouched by the state and have successfully enticed these gullible people. These people living in deep forests, rural areas without access to the bare minimum needs, easily fall prey to this missionary activity in exchange for monetary benefits.

One has to worry about the large number of crowds that these evangelical events attract. Several thousand people visit these events voluntarily in exchange for money given by these missionaries. Strangely, the state remains a mute spectator to these large-scale promotion events despite the missionaries are openly caught promoting superstition and fraud in the name of science. These crooked missionaries and evangelists are now emboldened without any fear of action and hence carry out their missionary activities with much vigour.

One can only hope that both the state and the Hindu community wake up from their deep slumber and recognise the threats it faces from the missionaries. Nevertheless, one can always lighten up the mood by watching the below song after encountering the horrific videos of conversion activities that are taking place in the country.

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