This is why DMK Mouthpiece Sun TV Donates Rs.6 Crores To Rabid Evangelist Org World Vision

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This is why DMK Mouthpiece Sun TV Donates Rs.6 Crores To Rabid Evangelist Org World Vision
Sun TV, a Chennai-based media house considered close to the DMK party, recently donated Rs. 6 crore to controversial Christian charity, World Vision, which focuses almost exclusively on child evangelism through sophisticated interventions in education, health etc.

Sun TV is owned by Kalanithi Maran, grandnephew of the late DMK supremo M Karunanidhi. Founded in 1992, the channel has operated virtually as DMK’s propaganda arm except for a brief period in 2007-08 when the Maran brothers had a falling out with the DMK patriarch.

DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) is wedded to the Dravidian movement, which has propagated the false notion of an Aryan-Dravidian divide by claiming that Brahmins and other ‘upper’ castes are Aryans who migrated from northern parts of the country to enslave the native Dravidians and make them follow the ‘Aryan religion’.

This racial framework for the distortion of South Indian history was actually first developed in the 19th century by the Christian missionaries Bishop Robert Caldwell & .Bishop George Pope. So it is no wonder that the Dravidian movement today is heavily influenced by modern-day evangelicals. Dravidianist anti-Brahmanism has now manifested itself into full blown anti-Hinduism.

It is in light of this history that Sun TV’s decision to fund a controversial Christian evangelical NGO like World Vision comes as no surprise.

World Vision
This is how World Vision introduces itself –

‘We are a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation, going where no one else goes because Jesus is alive in the hardest places to be a child.’

In Bharat, World Vision is an FCRA-NGO with registration # TN/075900011. It received Rs. 331 Crore foreign funds inflow in 2016-17. As per World Visions’s own US tax returns, in FY 13 it received a staggering $178 million in grants from the US Government, and generated a total revenue of $1 billion! World Vision also receives funding from other Western Governments like UK, Germany etc.

While on the surface, World Vision engages in ‘secular’ activities related to child rights, it funnels money to organizations directly involved in Christian conversion work as well.

World Vision’s infiltration deep into Bharat can be seen in the mind-boggling number of states where it is partnering with Government departments in various programs related to child rights, health, education, social justice etc. This twitter thread provides a glimpse of how World Vision operates with impunity in TN, AP, Odisha, Mizoram, Haryana, MP, J&K (former) etc.

The Middle East Forum, a US think tank focused on the Middle East, recently revealed how World Vision is involved in terror-financing – it was funding the Osama Bin Laden linked Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) Sudanese organization with grants received from United Nations and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). High-ranking members of US Congress advocated for World Vision when this scandal erupted.

Truly, the vision is global and the end goal is to have just one World Religion, where all other spiritual paths and indigenous cultures are annihilated and preserved in museums alone.

source: Hindupost , Title changed

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