Personality enhancement through RSS Shakha only – RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat

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Personality enhancement through RSS Shakha only – RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh SarSanghchalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat said that the qualities of Swayamsevaks will be enhanced by going to Shakha every day. Shri Bhagwat was the keynote speaker at the ‘Godavari Sangamam’ program held on Sunday 26/12/2021 in Palakollu, West Godavari District, Andhrapradesh.

Let us briefly examine the main points of the RSS chief’s speech at this Godavari Sangam, which was attended by 12,736 Swayamsevaks from both Godavari districts .…

“Attending the Sangha Shakha every day will make a positive change in our lives. Thus making a sacred pledge, accordingly doing the Sangha activity until the last breath will happen to every Karyakarta. Lord Krishna speaks about Dharma in the Bhagavad Gita. We pledge to preserve Hindu Dharma, Hindu culture, and Hindu society. Preserving Hindu Dharma means correcting the shortcomings in the Dharma. The reason why we should correct the shortcomings is that we were born in the same Dharma. Our task is to unite those who correct such shortcomings in Dharma and preserve it.

Personality enhancement through RSS Shakha only – RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat

Dharma does not mean many theories. Dharma has been visioned and practiced by sages and monks since ancient times. Those visionaries like this are nowhere to be found in other virtues. In our dharma, we have the clarity that everyone`s goal is the same and which way we go is no matter to achieve it. So we did not ask anyone to convert to our religion.

But other religions are trying to persuade our people to convert their religion. We must inform all our Hindus that the true doctrine of our Hindu Dharma and look after it that they do not convert their religion. This is the responsibility of all of us. This work should be accelerated by connecting the people who are in Hindu Dharma. We are determined to unite the whole Hindu Rashtra. We must unite with the idea that we are all one, no matter what the language or region.

We must preserve our Dharma by uniting all on the basis of the truth, compassion, purity, hard work, and penance that is already in Hinduism. Dharma … will be protected only by practice. Culture is a reflection of righteousness. We are all one, our culture is one, despite the different feelings in society.

We are celebrating 75 years of Independence day i.e., Amrita Mahotsav celebrations. Shri Alluri Sitaramaraju of this state was martyred in the freedom struggle. He is always been an ideal and admirer for every Indian. We are the descendants of such people. Efforts should be made to bring this country to a glorious state by uniting the entire Hindu religion. This work started under the leadership of Swayamsevaks.

Personality enhancement through RSS Shakha only – RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat

As a Swayamsevak How am I? that we must think about it. In our prayer, we pray to God to bestow the invincible power i.e., “Ajayyancha Vishwasya Dehisha Shaktim”. And We immediately say “Sushilam Jagad Yena Namram Bhavet”. We prayed the god to give us good character along with the invincible power that which the whole world may knee-jerk after looking at our Character. We want God to give us the wisdom to make our work easier and to overcome the difficulties encountered in it. We want heroism to achieve greatness in the hereafter.

We also want the motto to reach our goal even in situations of various attractions, pressures, and temptations. We want these five qualities. The center for achieving these five qualities is RSS Shakha. For that, we have to go to the Shakha every day. We get the sacraments through the Shakha itself.

So the habit of working together with everyone, along with the development of body, mind, and intellect, is becoming available to us through the Shakha. Once we have achieved these qualities we need to take this work to all the villages and all the bastis. So all responsible activists should also be given more time for RSS activity. Practice centers should be set up in all villages and bastis. In addition, some Karyakartas should be given full time. Then Only society will trust us and Come along with us.

Personality enhancement through RSS Shakha only – RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat

Head of the Nagarjuna Construction Company Shri Alluri Venkata Narasimha Raju was the Chief Guest. Sah Kshetra Sanghchalak Shri Doosi Ramakrishna, Prant Sanghchalak Shri Nagareddy Hari Kumar Reddy, Sah Prant Sanghchalak Shri Sunkavalli Ramakrishna, Bhimavaram Vibhag Sanghchalak Shri Manthena Ramachandraraju, Rajamahendravaram Vibhag Sanghchalak Shri Rimmalapudi Subbarao were present on the occasion.

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