What Hindus Ought To Do as The World Turns

What Hindus Ought To Do as The World Turns
Dr. Babu Suseelan 
We are living in a world of information explosion, Jihadi terrorism, psychological warfare, deceptive religious conversion, social conflict, and economic chaos. It also affects Hindus one-sixth of the world's population. Most Hindus know that jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, phony secularism, and corruption will significantly affect our life. Hindus have access to innumerable facts about the matter. Yet, the behavior of many Hindus clearly demonstrates they do not really believe in it.  They manage to ignore the facts and keep from perceiving the relevance to Hindu society. Most Hindus are afraid to make a clear, correct, and critical judgment on various issues that affect our life, liberty, and future.
For some people, there is no point. They just want to survive. The famous Russian writer Chekhov said, "You ask me what life is? It is like a  Carrot.  A Carrot is a Carrot." We are all created by GOD. We can lie back and enjoy it, or we can occupy ourselves in trying to understand more about what is going on. There is nothing we can do to alter it, even when we can understand it. We can only play with it, experience it. For many people,  Man is the smallest piece of dust in the universe.
History frightens many people. They are afraid to make any opinion at all. Because in the past people did terrible things in the name of faith and politics. As a result, it is best to have no opinions at all. It is wrong to take a position on anything, worse still is to try to impose our wishes and philosophy on to others who blindly follow dangerous dogmas.
Passive voyeurism will have to suffice, preferably uncritical and politically correct, because it is wrong to suggest that anyone's way of life is superior to another. That way lies a moral vacuum, where nothing is right and nothing is really wrong. That way also lies inertia, tolerance of intolerance, passivity, apathy, denial, and indifference. Such persons prepare a path for surrender and slavery. It is an escape route from freedom and responsibility. such persons make unreasonable compromises for the wrong reasons.
Our existence in the world has meaning and purpose. As Hindus, we are unique. We have justifiable reasons for doing things to create a sense of continuity, connection, and a sense of direction. Without a clear direction, based on our sacred past, we may feel disoriented. In this world of dangerous, irrational faiths, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, and paradoxes, Hindus need to recognize the pitfalls and traps that lie ahead and find their place and role in the world. If we don't make a clear, correct, and comprehensive perspective on porcupine people, the conspirator groups, the masked subversive agents, How can Hindus live in peace, pride, and tranquility?

As Hindus regain confidence and strength, we have to do things we haven't seen before. That means, the territory we are moving to is new, unknown and as a consequence, we are not going to like the processes and the consequences. We have to set and reset things continuously until we, Hindus regain our pride, respect, dignity, and freedom.
We, Hindus have to develop a new willing spirit and enrich ourselves with extra vigor and commitment for our scared system. We do not have time to waste on analysis and reach paralysis and inaction.
The threats we face from within and without are real and our efforts shall be devoted to finding effective ways for challenging our threats. Our belief about the nature of threats inevitably affects the goal we seek, and the methods we employ.  There are limits to how far and how fast we can run with pacifism, inaction, appeasement, and apathy. These are ineffective ways of dealing with the death threats from Jihadi terrorists, missionary criminal thinkers, and corrupt misguided bogus secularists. Hindus need to use everything they can including positive violence and effective behavior techniques. Hindus can only survive the course of evolution if Hindus show courage, force, strength, and assertiveness within their capacity. 

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