Palestinian Islamic preacher calls Hindus ‘filthy cow worshippers’, urges Pakistanis to fight Hindus on border

Palestinian Islamic preacher calls Hindus ‘filthy cow worshippers’, urges Pakistanis to fight Hindus on border
Palestinian Islamic preacher
Radical Palestinian Islamic preacher Nidhal Siam, speaking at a gathering, referred to Hindus as “filthy cow worshipers,” and exhorted Pakistani Muslims to attack Indians on the border. Siam said during a gathering at the Al Aqsa mosque in Palestine that the only response to the “Cow-Worshiping” Hindus against the Prophet Muhammad is to declare Jihad to destroy them.

In the video, the Palestinian preacher says, “Hindus, you filthy Hindus, Muhammad is the master of all people.” He further says, “The infidels take turns in waging this war against Muslims. First, it was America with its aggression then along came Sweden with its Kidnapping of Muslim Children. France and Russia also attacked Muslims many times, then there is China with its crimes, and now the Hindu cow-worshipers, who have destroyed mosques, killed Muslims and destroyed their villages, now they slander the Master of Mankind PBUH.”
Openly asking for Jihad against the Hindus, the preacher said, “The one and only reaction to such a thing is to declare Jihad for the sake of Allah and to open up battle fronts for fighting.”

Also, he pulled in Pakistan and urged the Muslims of Pakistan to fight with India. He said, “As for you the people of Pakistan, you have a greater duty than others in fighting the Hindus. They are right there on your border occupying parts of your land and killing your people.”

While radical Islamists are attacking her across the world, Nupur Sharma is also gaining some support in the aftermath of global outrage over her statements and numerous violent riots in several locations. Thousands of Hindus in Nepal recently demonstrated in support of Nupur, who has received death threats as a result of her statements about the Islamic Prophet. Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker, has also supported Nupur Sharma.

Source: OpIndia

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