Atheist MK Stalin – the next chairman of ‘The Advisory Committee On Temples’

Atheist MK Stalin – the next chairman of ‘The Advisory Committee On Temples’
In a blatant and utter disregard for the feelings of 80% of the Hindu population of the country, Madras High Court dismissed a public interest litigation challenging the appointment of chief minister of Tamil Nadu M K Stalin from being the chairman of the advisory committee formed under the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (TNHRCE) Act, 1959. The appointment of Mr Stalin would be in line with section 7 of the act. If appointed, the fate of 36,425 temples, 56 mutts, 47 temples belonging to mutt 1,721 specific endowments and 189 trusts will be in the hand of someone who doesn’t even believe in Hinduism.

Mr Stalin is the main reason behind the sorry state of vast swathes of Tamil Nadu temples. The DMK chief minister’s name itself was given to him as a tribute by his atheist father to Soviet Russian communist and genocidal dictator Joseph Stalin who killed millions in the utopian dream of a “rational atheist world”. Recently, Stalin Government demolished seven temples in Coimbatore, leaving Christian Mafia encroached on Vajragiri Hill totally untouched. Mr Stalin’s atheistic principles are limited to condemning and abusing Hinduism, Hindu Practices, Hindu Gods, and Hindu cultures only.

DMK is fundamentally an anti-Hindu rhetorical party. Its whole existence is based on abusing and bashing Hindus. It was formed as a separatist faction from Periyar’s Justice Party, but it never ceased to use Periyar’s anti-Hindu immature ideas to gain votes. It legalized ‘self-respect marriages’ which solemnized the wedding without the presence of a priest, an idea originally propagated by Periyar. Stalin’s father M. Karunanidhi in 2007 questioned the existence of Lord Ram; ‘Who is this Ram? In which engineering college did he study and become a civil engineer? When did he build this bridge?’’ Karunanidhi was roaring while addressing a public gathering. He once called Lord Ram a drunkard and also remarked ‘Hindu’ means ‘thief’.

The temples which generate a lot of money have been exploited by him as cash cows under his administration. MK Stalin once declared to uproot Sanatana Dharma in a 2019 speech. DMK under his leadership had supported the destruction of Ram Setu and was upset with its ally Congress on its support for the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict by the Supreme Court.

An atheist being appointed as chairman of the ‘Hindu temple advisory committee’ will be lauded as a victory of secularism and minority rights. Will the appointment of an atheist or a person from another religion on the board of Christian and other religion’ board be celebrated as victory of secularism’? The answer is no.

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