Inherent anti-Hindu legacy of Left Liberals in India

Vishwa Bhaarath
Inherent anti-Hindu legacy of Left Liberals in India.

The one idea that unites them is their anti-Hinduness; they doubt everything which is Hindu: It may be Hindu history, the Hindu way of life, or Hinduism itself.
~ Rajiv Tuli.

The ecosystem is the relationship of an organism with its environment. An organism develops not only on its own but is the product of its ecosystem which supports, nourishes, and grows it so as to make it a part of its own species. Any ecosystem is composed of two components: Living and non-living. In any natural ecosystem, the living is biotic elements like microbes, plants, birds, animals, and humans, whereas non-living parts of the ecosystem include sunlight, water, air, space, and earth. These interactions and interdependence of living and non-living beings and things make an ecosystem.

An ecosystem has its various aspects like a social ecosystem, economic ecosystem, and political ecosystem. In the Indian politico-social scenario, there is an ecosystem known as the Left-liberal ecosystem which is known by various nomenclature like Leftist, Leftist-Congress, Liberal, Left of the Centre, Secular, Liberal-Secular, etc. Their extreme version enjoys titles such as ‘Urban-Naxals’, ‘Tukde-Tukde Gang’, Urban-Rohingyas, etc,

Their ideological basis is self-contradictory and antagonist in terms of their principles. The very conjecture of Left-liberal is an oxymoron. Liberals cannot be the Leftist and the Left can never be liberal! The ideological musings of the Leftist liberals range from anarchism-liberalism to communism to Maoism. Their intellectual grooming can be found in the thesis of ‘controlling the mind’ of the targeted individual.

Like the natural ecosystem, there is a living organism which is represented by the human factor, and non-living which is represented by the institutions. The living part of the Leftist liberals are individuals, intellectuals, intelligentsia, authors, journalists, script-writers, ideologues, producers, directors, filmmakers, educationists, historians, Bollywood actors, social activists, environmentalists, etc. The institutions of this ecosystem include academic institutions, universities, bureaucracy, research groups, NGOs, etc.

Like the sunlight pervades all the ecosystem and sustains it, ‘ideas’ in its various manifestations like ideology, isms, propaganda, literature, research papers, articles, publications, books, etc, play the role of the sunlight pervading all the areas of this ecosystem. Like a natural ecosystem cannot work without water; the money element plays a life-surviving role in this ecosystem. This ecosystem gets enough ‘space’ in every narrative.

Some of the features of the Left-liberal ecosystem are:

–  The only idea which unites them is anti-Hinduness. They doubt everything which is Hindu. It may be Hindu history, the Hindu way of life, or Hinduism itself. Targeting Hindu culture and demeaning anything which can make Indians proud of the achievement of Hinduism are their core unifying factors. Interestingly, they disdain religious, caste, and regional loyalties, and regard Hinduism as primitive; they question Hindu traditions like ghoonghat, idol-worshipping, or temple-going, holding them to be orthodoxy. But, they are silent on the ills of Islamism or any other religion. Rather, they protect and even hail these traditions of Islamism zealously in the name of minority traditions.

–  Even the history of India has been explained and interpreted from the anti-Hindu perspective where the glorious and historical achievements are ridiculed, eschewed, and distorted.

–  They hate anything that is Hindu and terms anything and everything that is Hindu as communal but is silent on Islamist fundamentalism and jihad.

–  They claim that they fight for equality of gender. They are conspicuous by their silence in questioning any of the traditions of Islam like the burqa or allowing women’s entry into mosques.

–  They ‘manufacture’ consent. True to their cult god, Gramsci, who put forward the idea that the nation-states create the ‘consent of culture’, i.e, hegemony, they create ideas that are inimical to the very ‘idea’ of India. Further, ‘narrative’ is manufactured and spread through this ecosystem which supports each other.

–  To ‘manufacture consent’ they create ideas and narratives by way of anti-India corporate-sponsored propaganda through mass media and commercialism. They keep mum on Hindu genocides but if the true version is told, they say it is spreading hate propaganda.

–  For them, it is a ‘war of narratives. They set their narratives by using information. For this they can use any means — illegal, manufacturing lies, disinformation, misuse of loopholes in legal-system.

–  They do not desist from justifying violent and terrorist means. They claim to oppose the government in power but in the garb of opposing the government, they oppose the very country and nation.

Means adopted By Leftist-Liberals

  • Their funding is always doubtful and government agencies are always on their toes to ascertain the source of their funds which are mostly from obscure, illegal, and doubtful sources. This fund also comes from anti-Bharat international groups, NGOs, and countries that are waging proxy wars against Bharat.
  • They attack the national symbols like the Indian Army against whom they can allege anything ranging from repression to rape. They celebrate killing Indian military and paramilitary personnel.
  • They can use ‘war of propaganda’. They can ‘troll’ or make viral anything irrespective of the true facts.
  • They support each other on the principle of you scratch my back, I scratch yours. They praise each other, they ‘make’ each other ‘eminent’ scholars, historians, and writers. When the regime is in their favor, they become award-winning scholars by bashing Hinduness and Indian-ness.
  • Instigating the fault lines within the Hindu religion and fostering one sub-Hindu community against others is their hallmark.
[The writer is an independent columnist and prolific Hindutva Thinker. Views expressed are personal]. This article was first published in First Post on April 25, 2022.

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